»» Create easily your own widgets for display blocking! «« 

LockScreen is an attractive app, ensuring expressive, stylish, classy lock tool for your touch-sensitive friend. 
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To create an original screen saver you will need a basic background and one of lock types, which can be easily found in the app’s interface. 
You have at your disposal the entire collection of pictures and photos from your device's gallery and 10 backgrounds from the application's stock. 
Merging the background and a defined lock type you will be able to transform the lock screen’s look so as to correspond to your taste and mood. 
The app reunites artfully rich possibilities and simple settings, enabling you to change constantly the lock screen without any effort or discomfort. 

◙ New pictures can be captured with the shooting camera which can further be used to create background pictures. 

◙ Open access to the gadget’s gallery. 

◙ Wide range of themes for lock icon. 

◙ Choose one lock type from those available with the app. 

◙ Save created combinations in the app’s gallery. 

LockScreen is a safe, comfortable and beautiful application with the help of which you will always find an original solution for the lock option display.

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