Do you want your MMS to be cheery, catchy and emotional? 
Give them color and brightness and highlight them with nice emoticon, using the rich artistic possibilities of Colorize Your Text Messages application! 
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Colorize Your Text Messages is a wonderful text designer, in which you will find a multitude of impressive means with the help of which to express your feelings and emotions via MMS. 
Discover a wide variety of font and color combinations, and say goodbye to faceless black and white words, deprived of intonation. 
See to it that your friends and family enjoy reading your messages. Let the beautifully decorated SMS notify them of your attention and care for them. 
Unveil the functional potential of the application in order to give to your message the right tone and character. 

□ Colorize Your Text Messages provides you with: 

□ Wide range of hues to change font color. 

□ A rich variety of text fonts. 

□ The collection of the best Emoji 

□ Change of font size. 

□ Two-level rows. 

□ Italics option. 

□ Bold font option 

□ Underline and crossline option. 

□ “Clear all” option 

□ Send text via MMS. 

► The wonderful opportunities of Colorize Your Text Messages app will help you convey to the subscriber exactly what you want to say, highlighting the right words. After all, the letters can also be funny, sad, happy, hurt, bored, playful or stern, just like your mood. 

► Let your friends receive from you the most pleasant and unique greeting MMS, in which each word is positive and joyful. 
Ask the help of a designer to help you tell someone the good news, to write an anonymous joke or to just make once more a love declaration in a beautiful and colorful way. 

You will spend a few extra minutes, given that the app is user friendly, to transform the gray MMS into a juicy and emotional MMS, which, reflected in the eyes of the recipient, will by all means make him smile. 


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