»» Fed up with hearing signals of a discharged battery right when you want to listen to music or make an important call? 

»» Battery Booster Pro application is designed specially to save you from these and other troubles related to battery operation. 

» » » 
The battery is the heart of your gadget. And everybody knows that the heart needs special maintenance and gentle care. 
Battery Booster Pro is the most competent and qualified doctor for your storage battery. 
It provides all conditions necessary for a correct and appropriate use, which will enable you to extend your storage battery life. 
►It watches vigilantly that the charge cycle is fully completed. 
►It offers practical advice and recommendations that help you to optimize the operation of the Apple gadget in order to preserve the battery charge as long as possible. 
►It delivers a precise and detailed forecast of the remaining time for the charge in various scenarios of use. 

But the advantages of Battery Booster Pro do not end with this. The application features an impressive number of useful functions. 

▪ Automated control of the charging process. 

▪ Execution of the full charging cycle. 

▪ Tracking and showing of the time needed to charge the gadget and the remaining time until the full cycle is complete. 

▪ Determination of the battery type and status. 

▪ Impeccable indicators of the battery charge level with the precision of up to 1%. 

▪ Tab on the productivity of the gadget depending on the performed operations: 

- In normal mode; 
- Time of conversation through 2G; 
- Time of conversation through 3G 
- Video recording; 
- Shooting photos; 
- Recording an audio track; 
- Wi-Fi Internet; 
- 3G Internet; 
- Watching video on YouTube; 
- File sharing through Bluetooth; 
- 2D and 3D games. 

▪ Professional recommendations on appropriate maintenance of the battery. 
▪ Support for high resolution of the retina display. 

Battery Booster Pro app will enable you to manage the operation of your battery easily and professionally at the same time. 
If you use the possibilities of this application and follow the advice on use closely, you will certainly extend the battery life until its maximal period and will use all its energy potential.



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