‼ »»» Fantastic collection of unique photo frames will offer new opportunities to create their own thematic portrait! 

► Pic-Frame Manager will surprise even the most skilled specialist in photo frames! 

□□□ The possibility to control the colors and dimensions and the existence of a range of settings and adjustments will allow you to build the finest and original frames. With their help you will transform ordinary photos into interesting artistic composition, which will tell your life story in images. You will notice how simple pictures will get color and will come to life. 

□□□ With the help of Pic-Frame Manager program you can choose the perfect setting for painted photo-strips, greeting cards and romantic illustrations or create a stylish poster with photos of the most loved actors. 


·• Fitted in the new frame even the old pictures will look elegant and exclusive. Building a photo-frame it will help a flexible and intelligent interface. 

♦ More then 30 types of frames are available. 
♦ The possibility to choose the format of the pictures. 
♦ The camera is built in and there is access to the gallery. 
♦ Adjust the image reports inside the frame. 
♦ There is a voluminous collection of effects. 
♦ The possibility of rotating the image using the mirror effect. 
♦ The possibility to adjust the width of the frame. 
♦ Adjust all the rounded corners. 
♦ Types of frames are set in 3 directions: color, texture and brightness. 
♦ Setting the color level of the frame. 
♦ Many convenient ways are within frames. 
♦ Maintain high extension at the moment of saving the image. 

»»» Using Pic-Frame Manager to create portraits, is not only easy but also very interesting / exciting. You will get pleasure while the creative process and also when viewing your personal masterpieces within a collective. 



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