»»» Increase the rating of your messages! 
»» Change standard daily messages to special, unexpected and interesting messages containing images! 
» Smart SMS Creator application offers you a wonderful collection of symbols! 

□□□ In this collection under different categories are kept many original and exciting images, created with the help of graphic characters. The images you will be able to insert easily in the SMS or in any other message. The receiver will pay more attention to the message and to you when the SMS contains an image. 

► The pictures made of symbols offer a special style, new emotions and originality to your romantic, humorous or anonymous SMS, give a special charm and express the things impossible to express in words. 
□ A wide variety of topics: animals, emotions, holidays, romance, music, symbols, frames, emoticons and much more. 

□ Possibility of writing and send the SMS messages. 

□ Possibility of copying the image on the clipboard in order to use it in any other message. 

□ Placing the images in the Favourites section – for quick access. 

□ Possibility of creating your own images. 

■ »» Smart SMS Creator will help you to give a special charm to your SMS. Amaze your friends using special frames, emoticons, hearts, or other images created by you! Wonderful, emotional images will touch the hearts of everyone. 

»»» All the SMS and web messages written by you will be famous for being unique, bright and beautiful. Improve your mood and make your friends happy using Smart SMS Creator application. 

▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪

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