❃❃❃Hello buddy!❃❃❃ 
★I think you like to play tricks on your friends and invent jokes as all do! I think you like gags and you are just a merry chap who can’t stand boredom! No wonder you’ve found yourself on this page!!! This program has been developed specially for you! You’ll master the Sound Box Profesional program and it will help you invent the coolest tricks, which will frighten, shock and spoof your friends! ★ 

★Sound Box Profesional is a big collection of cool and merry sounds, which can be used for jokes. Sound Box Profesional contains 45 sounds, among which there are many sounds we are used to hear every day. These are sounds of nature, funny phrases, sounds of household appliances and not so common devices (assault rifle AK-47), these are different sirens and sounds of any mechanical work! Have you ever imagined the sounds of horror? This application can help you find the answer to this question. 
Sound Box Profesional also includes everything you’ve accustomed to feel at the associative level and can easily imagine! Buddy, you can’t even imagine how cool it sounds from an iPhone! 

Only the most interesting sounds have been included in the sound collection of Sound Box Profesional!!! 

★Sound Box Profesional – manage the sounds! 

★You can find the following sounds in the program: 

✓Police buzz 
✓Flying helicopter 
✓Bell-ringing of Suzdal’s Cathedral 
✓Laughing with an echo 
✓Bleating (goat) 
✓War horn 
✓Petrol-powered saw 
✓Clown horn 
✓Cuckoo clock 
✓Door bell 
✓Discharging battery 
✓Short beeps 
✓Heels knocking 
✓Frightening voice 
✓Tap on the door 
✓Child’s coughing 
✓Woman’s laughing 
✓Bird singing 
✓Music box 
✓Rain with thunderstorm 
✓Robot movements 
✓School bell 
✓Breaking dishes 
✓Flying fly 
… and may others! 

◆It is simple to operate the Sound Box Profesional. Each sound has its own icon with a corresponding image. All sounds are placed on five pages and each page has nine icons. You have only to press an icon and your iPhone will produce the sound selected. 

Moreover you can change the sound features. For instance, siren and bell can sound longer if you press their icons. But it’s not all! You can use the settings and change any sound you wish and save the changed variant! 

Sound Box Profesional is a big collection of high-quality sounds in MP3 and WAV format. We’ve done a lot of work to achieve a maximum qualitative and realistic sound, it makes our product one of the best products in this category at the international market. 

◆We respect our customers’ opinion, and we understand for sure the wish of every person to find the most suitable application to our product, so we are always ready to improve our products for the benefit and entertainment of our customers!


Sound Box Profesional

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