Modern technology intends to surprise us again. 
Age Determinator Pro is another ace in the hole! 
►Exposing application which determines the age of a person based on a picture! 
* * * 

Is it indecent to ask a woman about her age? 
Don’t ask! 
You can’t figure out if this huge amount of make-up on her face is intended to hide her age or to make her look older? 
Don’t break your head over it; you can’t guess the truth anyway. 
Somewhere deep inside you don’t care how old she is, but there is nothing unethical in satisfying one’s curiosity with the Age Determinator Pro gadget! To test it you will need a portrait photo. 
When scanning the picture the application examines the elasticity of the skin, edges of lips and eyes, number and depth of wrinkles on the face, and based on this analysis it detects the age of the person. 
Of course there can be major gap between the actual age of the person and the way he/she looks. But who cares that she’s 22, when she looks like she’s 53, and what difference does it make if she’s 48 when she looks like she’s 1 8? 
The important thing is not how old you are, but how you look! And namely such information Age Determinator Pro will provide, interconnecting a user-friendly interface with necessary functional characteristics: 

♦٭ Fast and flawless scanner guarantees instant result. 

♦٭ Embedded camera for capturing new pictures. 

♦٭ Option to select image from the device’s photo gallery. 

♦٭ Sharing of photos via Facebook, Twitter or E-mail. 

♦٭ Option to save photos in separate folders. 

Maybe you are facing a situation when you don’t know what age to tell you are when you’re asked about it. You will easily solve this problem by finding out what age you really look with the help of Age Determinator Pro. 
This programme will suggest in which photograph you look younger and will help you choose the best one for your application form or resume. 
You can also use it to check your insight, guessing the age of people in the pictures or to estimate how effective your new rejuvenating anti-wrinkles cream is. 
Above all, being carried away in your tentative to find new uses of this interesting programme, don’t forget that with each second passing by your age index gets one step closer to plus infinity mark. 


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