Thermometer™ is the application which will help you dress according to the weather! 
With its help you will be updated on and receive every second detailed information about weather, regardless of your location! 
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The app is programmed to spy 24/7 on the meteorological stations and to reveal all needed information in a convenient and inviting to the eye way. 
It will independently determine your location and will give information on the weather in that particular place and for that very moment. 
Besides weather data you will be able to find additional handy information on the humidity and speed of the wind. This information should be also taken into account because in different humidity levels one and the same air temperature is perceived differently by the human body, let alone the strength and speed of the wind. 
You will enjoy the app’s picturesque and colorful design. The weather conditions are accurately visualized. Thus, if the weather does not inspire you at least the colorful design will cheer you up. 

■▫ The application will impress you by determining the temperature both in Celsius and Fahrenheit degrees. 

■▫ Additional weather information for a more precise forecast. 

■▫ Automatic determination of the city or location you are. 

With Thermometer™ app you will get error-free weather data, fast and easy. 
With its help you will be able to choose one or another piece of clothing you want to put on. This means you will get dressed faster and cleverer. 
Let this sweet, innocent application take care of you. 

Probably, it will stop you, if it comes to your mind, from checking whether the tongue will glue to the iron space ship on the children’s playground, or you’ve shamelessly been cheated when being a kid. 
It will let you know whether you can swim today in the water-hole or not, or the consequences won’t be easy. Or, maybe you want to break your own record and low temperature and sharp wind is exactly what you need. 

The comfort and easiness in using Thermometer™ application will make you enjoy any weather. 




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