► Camera James Bond is a double sided hidden camera for photos and vide recordings in high-secrecy mode. 

With this sneaky application you will become a real spy. It is designed to give you the possibility to capture the desired picture or video, remaining nonetheless unnoticed. 
Effortless is the main rule in correctly using this device. 

What does this sophisticated application represent? 
It is a sensitive photo and video camera which, due to the lack of a view finder does not give the shooting process away. Before putting it into operation choose the adequate mode and camera from one side of the device. 
The programme responds to a simple touch. One touch for taking a photo, two touches for starting and ending the video shooting. Dark screen. Soundless shooting. No evidence! 
The programme provides a variety of functions for each shooting mode. 

₪ Possibility to choose the device’s internal or external camera for the shooting mode. 

₪ Provides timer setting from 30 seconds to 1 hour. 

₪ In video shooting mode, the choice of one out of two cameras of the device is possible. 

₪ “Ear” mode. 
Bring the device close to the ear and activate it by voice command, pretending that you speak to someone; to end the photo or the video shooting press Call End on your device, making believe that you finished talking and close the spy shooting. 

₪ The captured photos and video recordings will be saved in a secret album of the application 

₪ The created files can be sent on the e-mail. 

Now that you got acquainted with the features you can get down to business. 
Simply bring the phone to the ear to the side the person stands and pretend you chat with somebody. The programme will photograph the right person and you can relax, you won’t be misunderstood. Camera James Bond is an irreplaceable surveillance, machination and incriminating information collector weapon. Who will think that the phone, peacefully lying on the table, is video recording at this very moment? All we know is that the most interesting things are said and done when people don't suspect they are being recorded. 
Assembling a unique collection of photos and videos, you will find an interesting use for it, no doubt: creating comical pictures, uploading photos on the Internet, proving your spy skills or simply enjoying looking at them. 




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