As everybody knows a lady’s purse is a difficult place to find something. 
Yet if you are looking for a mirror, thanks to Mirror app, you will find it easily and without difficulty in your gadget. 
* * * 

Just one touch and you can behold your beauty on the screen. The app uses the gadget camera for its operation. The quality of image is maximally approximated to the reflection in a real mirror. 

» But there is something else: 10 magnificent frames offering an excellent design solution for your mirror. You can choose any one you like or change them every day, surrendering yourself to your mood changes. 

» Looking for your reflection in rear-view mirrors of cars, shop windows or sunglasses of your interlocutor may be romantic yet not always convenient. Using instead Mirror app can be agile, quick and imperceptible for others. Nobody will notice that you used your gadget as a mirror, hence, nobody will even dare to think that you doubt the perfection of your looks. 

» Mirror is also an excellent solution for men, who hardly can afford themselves such a luxury as using a pocket mirror. 

» Another interesting use of the app consists in watching to what happens behind you. When it is inconvenient to look directly and you want to hide your interest, using the mirror you can watch what is going on without arousing suspicion. An outsider will just think you are rummaging around in your preferred gadget. 

* * *



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