► Want to banter with friends and amaze them with your unusual capacities? 

Tell them you have a cool, ultramodern application that enables you to track anyone’s location by his /her phone number. 

» Professional Cell Phone Tracker – will help you to frighten your friends. 

Everything looks very business-like. You enter the phone number in a specially designed field and after some analysis the app outputs the information about the user’s location in the form of a point on the map. You can enter the number manually or select it from a telephone directory. 

You will likely have fun noticing your friends’ reaction when they hear you can locate them at any moment. Watch carefully: an unhealthy fear will betray the one who has something to hide. Let everybody envy your cutting-edge technology and think you are a KGB’s secret agent. This will attract massive attention to you and you and your friends will laugh until you cry when they finally understand this is a practical joke and how it works. 

» Using this app you can also mislead your children. 
Maybe then they will refrain from going where you forbid them to go, for fear you might find out this.



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