Do you often feel the fixed attention of strange persons in relation to the video files that are stored in your iPhone! This tells you of two things that go without saying - you are so interesting that everyone around you show great interest to you. And the second - all that provokes interest, sooner or later, will cause the idea of ​​invasion and expansion in your personal space! 
We can not only warn you of danger, but also take an active part in the rescue of your privacy and your name! The application VideoSafeforiDevices can contribute to your protection! 
Let nothing and no one now to make you blush! Let anyone who would encroach on your privacy to be punished by his own stupidity and ignorance! 
VideoSafeforiDevices application provides each iPhone user the possibility to set a security code on any video file. Using the coding system, you will be able to put certain videos under interdiction, and that will be a real barrier to any attempt to open or even copy the video that you would like to keep protected. 
Here are the benefits of the application:
- The system of protection based on closing the access through a password system.
- The ability to use different passwords for different video records.
- The maximum level of protection, which cannot be decoded via PC.
- A colorful, thematic design, depicting the hidden videos in a closed safe.
- A minimized standby mode.
- The guarantee of the safety of the privacy of your videos.
- The guarantee of maintaining the capacity of your video.
- A nice design and a user-friendly menu.
- Total secrecy, but not transparent activity. Everybody will realize that you're using a system for hiding documents, but they will not be able to do something with this! 
Do you have something to hide from strangers, and this is your video? We can help you twice! First you will have a unique mechanism, and second, you will get used to this new role of a forever untouchable maverick!

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